Doug Ford

Painting/Drawing at the Raglan Summer Arts School 2021 will be an immersion into painting with contemporary latex paint.

We will look at confidence building, familiarisation of materials, colour mixing, use of colours, and brush techniques. And explore painting on white (light) and painting from dark.

Doug will be providing separate workshops later in the year.


Painting / Drawing
with Doug Ford

Studied Wellington Polytech V.C.D. (visual communication & design)
Early days I loved a good wall!
Covering Wellington in murals and sharing my work in cafes.
Then off to see the world, drawing, painting, street art, cafe shows and murals.
In Germany, I started a serious range of artwork for several exhibitions. In France continued my art and exhibitions.

Back in NZ and murals for 3ft & art dept for Lord of the Rings. Previous film work included Gibson Group and Cloud Nine productions.

Exhibitions in Auckland with Artigian and Red Herring and Parnell galleries. Wall gallery after another trip away.

Murals were my continuity. Traffic control boxes, walls, Chorus boxes. Connection was made with Matapihi gallery in Raglan.

I have grown up making/creating so it seems as natural as swimming. Nothing to make a fuss about!

All materials for this workshop will be supplied, however if artists want to bring their own brushes or other materials – please feel free


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